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“You lose sight of things… and when you travel, everything balances out.” – Daranna Gidel

can really relate to this quote. For quite a few months I didn't feel myself, then Warren and I went to Kos for a week and I was beyond happy every single day. I know that is the point of going on holiday, to have a good time and be happy but I truly felt and feel that exploring Greece gave me a fresh insight. 

So far during my lifetime I have been to Hong Kong, America and Greece. All of which are beautiful. I believe that when you travel to other countries, not only do you experience but you also learn and educate yourself about the lifestyles, culture, history and so much more, sometimes without even realising. I want to explore so much of the world, these are only my top 5 on my bucket list! I am beyond excited to explore more of the world.

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own the image content. 

1. Venice
From the photo's I have seen and all of the stories I have heard, Venice is at the top of my list. I can just picture myself on a Gondola, shopping, eating the traditional food and just exploring the beauty of Venice. 

2. Maldives
The Maldives is dreamy. Just look at the clear blue sea and the white sandy beach? 

3. Grand Canyon 
The Grand Canyon takes my breath away just looking at a photo let alone the feeling it would give me to actually be there and witness the views with my own eyes. 

4. Northern Lights
The Northern Lights look so beautiful, the earth is truly amazing.

5. Great Wall of China
I would LOVE to walk the Great Wall of China one day and learn more about the history of the Great Wall of China. 

Comment below what destinations are on your TOP 5 travel bucket list. I'd love to know!

Lot's of love, Soph x

Sophie Mariah
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  1. Love your choices! Venice is beautiful ❤️
    My top 5 places would be:
    2-New Zealand

    1. Thank you! Love yours also! Australia and New Zealand are definitely both high on my bucket list too! ❤️

  2. Omg Venice is just perfect! You would totally LOVE it! I was talking and researching about the Greay Wall of China last night with my mum, haha.
    As for my top 5... it's pretty hard to pick only five places but I'll try!
    1- Tanzania, definitely. This place looks stunning, the nature, the history, the culture, it just sounds like an experience that could make grow up more.
    2- Vienna, I've been a fan of Eastern Europe aesthetics for ages and I dream of visiting this city and its operas and palaces.
    3- Okinawa, as a person who lived in Japan I need to visit this island one day. The beauty and magic is told to be surreal.
    4- St Petersburg. Because St Petersburg.
    5- Sumatra, to help save urang-utans :((


    1. Aww I love your top 5! Thanks for sharing, they all sound wonderful! I'm so jealous that you have lived in Japan! I bet it was amazing?!


  3. I hope you get to visit/see all 5! I'd love to go to Korea & Japan, since I've always been a fan of their fashion, cosmetics & dramas, haha. :D But I also think there are so many beautiful cities in Europe that I want to visit. So far the furthest place I've ever been from home is UK!

    Lona |

    1. Thank you! I hope so too! Oh me too, the fashion, cosmetics, etc. are all so intriguing aren't they?! Where in the UK did you go? :)

  4. I love posts like this, I am so eager to travel and want to visit so many places! I think seeing the northern lights would be an amazing experience it's certainty on my bucket list. I've done two similar posts on my blog called 'big world little me' and 'Top 5 beaches to visit' Would be great if you could check them out!

    Harriet -

    1. Me too, I love experiencing different parts of the world! Just so breathtaking and eye opening! Of course I will, I will check them out now!


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