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Do you ever have days where you feel ridiculously crap, moody or just down in the dumps? Then you think about why it is that you feel crap and you realise that you have absolutely no idea? And then you think about other people in the world who have reasons for feeling the way you feel and then that makes you feel even more crap because you can't even come up with one reason? I just lost count of the amount of times I used the word crap. But crap is a good word so...

I used to feel super angry with myself when I felt like that and I couldn't think of why I felt that way, but now I just go with the flow and accept that it is ok to not be ok 24/7. Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows as the saying goes. There could be many underlying reasons of why I am feeling this way, things that have happened in the past, life events that I thought I had overcome, small things that ruin your day without even realising they have, hormones, etc. I used to hide how I felt and put on an act and pretend everything was all hunky dory, but damn was that tiring. I felt (and still feel) like if I can't understand why I feel this way, how can anybody else? But why should I hide it? We are human beings, we have feelings and emotions and to be honest, putting on an act and hiding it would only make me feel worse. I decided I needed to be true to my feelings and if I am feeling crap, then I will feel crap.

Feeling crappy or sad are common emotions and in my eyes, the most hurried-past emotions in this current time, I feel as though there is so much pressure put on people to have this 'happy go lucky' attitude, which isn't the case for many, and that makes it SO much harder to express how we really feel because we feel like we will be judged, mocked, and so on. I find that rather upsetting and such a shame that people's emotions are treated like some kind of joke and not taken seriously.

Summing up, all I want to say is, it really is ok to not be ok. Do not feel like you are alone because believe me you are not. Also, please try not to be too hard on yourself about having to be ok and having it together all of the time and remember to always be gentle with yourself.

Lot's of love, Soph x

Sophie Mariah
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