June 27, 2016 Kos, Greece

On May 31st 2016, Warren and I set off on our first holiday together to Kos, Greece. We went for 7 nights and stayed at the most fabulous hotel in Psalidi, Greece (Oceanis Beach and Spa Resort). During our time in Greece, we did so much exploring. The places which I have written about in this post are places which we visited and completely took our breath away! 


I cannot fault Oceanis Beach and Spa Resort. It was incredible. Our room was beautiful with a massive balcony and the most stunning view at night - you could see Turkey glistening. The hotel itself was modern and super clean. The food each morning, afternoon and night was immaculate. Everything was delicious and there was a huge range of cuisines. The staff were so friendly and attentive also. I miss it so much and I'm not one to want to go on holiday to the same place twice but I would go back here again and again!


We booked this excursion with the reps who were at our hotel for around 40 euros each. You visit 3 islands throughout the day; Pserimos, Kalymnos and Plati Island, all of which are beautiful! Lunch is supplied but you have to pay for drinks. However, Warren and I decided to get lunch on Pserimos Island! The locals were so welcoming!

Pserimos Island

Kalymnos Island

When we first arrived in Kalymnos, we walked over to a shop which sold sponges and we were told the history of sponge diving. Sponges were the main source of income of Kalymnians which brought wealth to the island and made it famous throughout the Mediterranean. The Kalymnians harvested sponges from the sea-bed as close as Pserimos or as far as North Africa. Many men would be away for months harvesting sponges and their wives would not be aware of whether their husbands would make it home. 

Plati Island

When visiting Plati we didn't get off the boat, we stopped near the island and stayed there for around 45 minutes, it was so lovely to see everyone jumping off the boat and enjoying themselves. 


Nisyros Island and the Nisyros Volcano is one of the most beautiful places I have witnessed and experienced. Warren and I walked INSIDE this volcano and visited Nikia village (which is where I took this photo), imagine living near a volcano and being able to see this view every day.. breathtaking. The post arrives every 10 days in this village and the nearest hospital is in Kos which is over an hour away. The village was beautiful, with bright windows on the houses and small walkways, just effortlessly gorgeous. 


On our second day in Greece, we got the bus into Kos Town. We ventured around and came across this castle, it was 4 euros to enter and so beautiful. We walked around for ages and the different views you saw walking around were gorgeous. The best thing about this was that we weren't expecting to stumble across a place so historic and beautiful.


Warren and I hired bikes for the day for just 5 euros each! We biked near Kos Town, played a bit of golf and then went back to our hotel to get changed to bike to Therma (not too far from where we were staying in Psalidi). The views we saw on the way to Therma were unreal, we had to bike up lots of hills but it was totally worth it. One of the most amazing bike rides I have ever been on - even though it almost killed me. We were mostly on our own on the road, it was like a dream or something you see in the movies. Just us (and lots of goats), windy roads in the mountains and a gorgeous view of the sea and mountains in the distance. Therma is a natural hot spring where the water is as hot as a bath, even hotter at certain points! It is so hot because of the sulphur from a nearby volcano, it smells of rotten eggs but other than that it is a beautiful experience. 

I had the most amazing week in Greece and I am so so happy with how fabulous our hotel was! I would definitely recommend Oceanis Beach & Spa Resort, everyone went above and beyond to ensure that we had the best stay ever. The food was lovely, a variety every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our room was beautiful and we could see Turkey from our beach and our terrace (which was huge, we thought we were going to get a tiny balcony), it was especially beautiful at night. 


  1. This post is so lovely lovely, such beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a lovely time!

    1. Thank you lovely! I honestly had the most amazing time, it feels like it was a dream! xx