December 06, 2016

Do not underestimate what your smartphone can do. I REPEAT - DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE WHAT YOUR SMARTPHONE CAN DO. I don't have a high-quality camera (yet) to take photos for my blog, Instagram etc. so I simply just use my beloved iPhone. I entirely plan on getting a fancy shmancy camera, but not just yet. I used to be absolutely terrible at taking photos but now after a lot of practice and playing around with all of the editing settings and all the apps in the IOS app store, I think I have finally got the hang of it. I'm still no pro but it'll do for now. I know the struggle of wanting to take good quality photos for our blogs, social media and so on, wanting the perfect flat lays, so I thought I would save you the endless hours of practising and struggling and share my tips with you on how to I get pretty decent photos for my blog with my iPhone!


Lighting is SO important, I cannot stress how important it is. Taking photos in a dingy light is pretty hard ey? So why not set up near a window or in a room with natural light and get a beautiful bright photo and save yourself a bit of time when it comes to editing? Bright natural light gets rid of that yellowy colour in photos and it just looks so much crisper and professional.


I absolutely LOVE my marble background. I mean who doesn't? (probably a few people) but it is the craze at the moment and I for one am proud to be a part of that craze because my marble background makes my photos appear much more professional, stylish, and I could take a photo of the most boring thing ever and it would probably still look good because of the marble background. I think you get the gist. BUT you don't have to go all out, you can get a role of cheap marble self-adhesive vinyl film here. I have also recently purchased this white wood self-adhesive vinyl film which you can get here, which I've fallen in love with. These self-adhesive vinyl films help to give you a variety of backgrounds for your photos and help them to look more professional but on a budget which I am a big fan of.


I love props, I feel like they give photos more life. I love to use copper wire lights (which you can get here), real or artificial flowers and plants, jewellery, make-up, magazines, clothing, etc. These props also help to create great flat lays.


The editing process is really important. The various settings (brightness, contrast, highlight, sharpening etc.) can help improve your photos and take them from a 2 to a 10 with just a few alterations! 

I like to use Facetune to whiten my photos and then Snapseed to brighten, contrast, saturate if need be, highlight, brighten any shadows, and lastly, I also like to use VSCO for their filters, I mainly use F2 mostly but I'm a fan of HB1 and HB2 also.

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