January 22, 2017

Being a fellow university student, I know some of the pros and cons of being a student. Pros - student discount (hallelujah) and the help some of us get from student finance. Cons - actually having to write essays, being stressed constantly and not forgetting being tired all of the time. My first year was a breeze. My second year, not so much. I am extremely worried about going into my third year. When I used to hear people say that university was hard, I never really believed them and I honestly do not know how some students go out every night when they are at university, because I could not. Every day I am worrying that I haven't done the reading/work for my seminars, that I haven't completed the reading for my lectures, that I haven't started my essay which is due in a week, that I haven't submitted an assignment. And... it goes on. So here are a few tips from me, to help your time as a student run that tiny bit smoother.


January 04, 2017

When I look back at who I was when I was a teenager compared to the person I am now, in ways I'm the exact same person but then I've also changed and grown a lot. Lessons in life, whether good or bad, benefit our growth. These lessons which I have learnt have helped me grow into the person I am today - sounds cliché I know, but it's true.

Quality not quantity when it comes to friends

This is a major lesson which I have learnt throughout my life so far and something which I will always live by. I went from having lots of friends throughout high school to having very few now. But at the end of the day, quality not quantity.

Care less

Throughout my teenage years and young adult life so far I have always been a worrier and cared what other people thought of me, but why? As long as I am happy with who I am, other peoples thoughts of me are irrelevant. This is something which I still really need to work on, but the fact that I have realised it is enough. 

Don't compare yourself to others

Whether this is comparing your life to others, your looks, your body, anything. Just don't. You are you and to be honest, you never really know what their life is actually like. We all put on a front from time to time so what makes you think they aren't putting on a front? 

Be present

I am guilty of this and I'm working towards being more present. Take the time to appreciate those around you because (another cliché) life is to short. Focus on the present and spend more time with those you love. Being present will make you appreciate your life even more. 

Bad situations pass

When we go through rough times it is hard to see a positive outcome, but every single bad or stressful situation I have been in has always passed. 

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