August 02, 2018

I scroll through my social media feeds daily and ~definitely~ more than once a day. Social media has become a big part of my life and I think I'd be lost without it (particularly Instagram). I created my Instagram (@sophiemleung) in 2015 (separate from my personal account) when I first started Slimming World to use it as my food diary, to find meal inspiration and inspiration in general. However, 3 years later and I now share food, fashion and lifestyle content. To be honest, I rarely use my personal account anymore because I have created a space which makes me happy and I see content which uplifts and inspires me.

I actually really enjoy stalking -using that lightly- my favourite Instagrammers to see what they're posting, whether that be quotes, life, food, fashion, travel, etc. I like to follow individuals who are likeminded, uplift, motivate and inspire me and just generally make me happy to follow. As human beings, we are constantly evolving and growing, so it comes as no surprise that the content in which individuals share on social media is likely to change as we develop various attitudes towards life and various hobbies and interests also. Though, there appears to be a negative concept around unfollowing people on social media. I can see why as I have taken it to heart before and thought 'why have they unfollowed me', but I've come to the realisation that it is actually healthy to unfollow people.


I recently unfollowed individuals who I felt I couldn't really relate to, content I'm no longer interested in seeing, and some in which made me feel negative about myself due to my own insecurities. I am on social media x amount of hours a day and I have become very conscious about the content I'm consuming and whose content I'm consuming also.

If someone's content is no longer uplifting you, inspiring you, motivating you, making you happy, or you're just not interested anymore, it is okay to unfollow - you're not doing it to be malicious, you are just choosing to follow relatable content and make ~your~ feed yours. Plus, with Instagram's algorithm recently, it is already difficult to see your faves content so I see no point in clogging my feed with accounts that I'm no longer interested in following or having on my feed for whatever reason.

Ask yourself, if you are no longer feeling someones social feed anymore, for whatever reason;
why are you still following them?

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